I'm Tabitha Blue

A Life Coach, Speaker, Author, Mom of 6
& Professional Encourager who
created this space to support, equip and inspire you
on your journey to creating a life you love.

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Hi there!

I'm Tabitha Blue

I’m a digital content creator, big-family chaos master, all-day-coffee-sipper, drill-using-paint color dreaming home renovator, gourmet grilled cheese master, frequent-flyer, overachiever, lipstick-lover, salty air and sea celebrater, mama of multiples, and hopefully, your new friend!

Whew, that’s a lot of hats to wear, right?! I’m willing to bet you wear a lot too.

I call it multi-passionate and my goal is to help YOU achieve your dreams, not in spite of the many hats we wear, but because you want to be the best YOU, the you that takes steps towards your dreams, even if they are many. I’m here to say that you CAN do the multiple things that make you come alive (Just maybe not all at the same time… I mean I have tried to sip coffee while taking-off in flight and it wasn’t pretty)!

So, grab your favorite drink, and let’s dream, talk, laugh, cook, do all the things!

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Tabitha Blue

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First Time Mom's Pregnancy Activity Book

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THE book for every parenting library! The First Time Mom's Pregnancy Activity Book is the ultimate pregnancy companion with the need-to-know info without being overwhelming. The activities are quick, light, and helpful, so you can do them anytime, and create a keepsake for your little one in the process!

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In the Kitchen with Tabitha Blue

We believe that kids have a place in the kitchen and in the sanctity of the family table. Sometimes it’s chaos and sometimes it’s beautiful (and most often it’s both, one-and-the-same).

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Essential Oils

Did you know that the first prescription ever recorded was for Frankincense Oil? The second was for Peppermint Oil. There is so much natural medicine at our disposal, we just have to know where to look. Some of the mostly widely used medications today were originally sourced from plants.

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essential oils
Tabitha Blue

Tabitha's Podcast is Here!

Radiant Womanhood Podcast

for multi-passionate women

The Radiant Womanhood Podcast brings you weekly episodes packed with actionable steps, inspiring takeaways and lessons from Tabitha, Founder of Fresh Mommy Blog, and other industry experts in goal-setting, habit-making, healthy relationships, and more, to help you elevate your life and find your joy again.

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