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There are three things I’ve learned this week.

First, that I really, really like food. And this past Tuesday night as I lay on the couch moaning in and out of sleep as every time my eyes opened I thought I was going to hurl, I was more upset about not being able to eat the delicious meal of chicken tacos with goat cheese queso that we had planned (and that my husband so graciously cooked, since I was clearly not up to the task) than I was about actually being sick. Daytime-3

Second, I learned that when opportunity knocks, sometimes you just say, “Yes!” As was the case of me appearing on a segment of the Tampa based, national daytime show aptly called The Daytime Show… which airs tomorrow! I was at a special Mother’s Day taping with a sweet friend of mine and after meeting the producers was asked if I was available to come back the following day to record my own segment. Through a couple of blinks, I just shook my head while out squeaked a “yes”.

And third, I learned that I can push through almost anything since the night before the taping I caught whatever bug was trying to go around our family, and woke in cold sweats, shakes and a few trips to throw up all the nothing that I ate the night before. It was grand and I literally hobbled through the restroom the morning I was set to record, applying makeup (leaving off the mascara and lipstick for the last minute “just in case”) wondering how I was ever going to stand for a solid four minutes and look happy about it… but I rallied and pushed on anyway, with some pedialyte (so gross by the way!) from the fridge, a bread roll and an extra plastic bag for our short drive across the bay.

And you know what?! I felt great (relatively) as I walked through the doors of the studio! I’m so thankful for the prayers of my family that morning, as I’m sure they were worried about me, I think I looked a hot mess leaving the house, and for my husband who drove me and carried all my stuff so I could close my eyes and moan some more on the way there.

Check out the fun video we made below with a behind the scenes look at our day at the Daytime TV Show studio (sans any trips to throw up, promise)!


If you didn’t get a chance to see the segment live, click here to see it now!

So remember friends, this week, say yes to a fun opportunity and then don’t go running when a little opposition strikes. 

And if you’re interested in the DIY gifts we put together on the show, you can find the recipe for our Mocha Sugar Body Polish (aahhhhhmazing!) here… and some easy instructions for the customized tote below.Tote Bags-8

Supplies for the tote bags:

  • A blank canvas tote
  • paint brushes or sponges
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Painters tape or stencils

This project is quite easy and doesn’t really need much explanation, but what I will say is round up your supplies and get an idea of what you want to create in your mind first. Then tape off the area you’d like to paint in and get going.Tote Bags-7Tote Bags-6

For the tote bags we made, we made one with geometric shapes from our painters tape, one with stripes from our painters tape and another with dots from our round paint sponges. All in all it was rather painless and simple, the hardest part was deciding what we wanted to do!Tote BagsTote Bags-2Tote Bags-5Tote Bags-1

My one main tip is to paint away from the tape so that your paint doesn’t seep underneath and pull up the tape while the paint is still slightly damp. Other than that, use your creativity and have fun!

We hosted an event at West Elm recently where we customized our own tote bags and everyone had a blast! If you want to take a look at the creativity that came out of that event, just check it out here.

And if you’re stopping by from the Daytime Show, welcome new friends!