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One of the most requested gift guides we’ve had is for kids! So, we’re starting right at the top… and put together this holiday gift guide for teen + tween girls with the help of our 13-year-old… yep, she went through and hand-picked her FAVORITES. Lately, with four kids PLUS our twin newborn babes, we’re doing as much shopping, gifting and everything else we can online. Amazon has been one of our go-to places, just for Amazon prime. So, whether you’re ordering something last minute or you’re crossing off your list and checking it twice, we’ve got you covered with the best gifts for tween girls, and any of these picks are sure to be a win for the tween or teen girl in your life. 

 2019 holiday gift guide for the tween and teen girl | Holiday Gift Guide: Top 16 Best Gifts for Tween Girls on Amazon by popular Florida life and style blog, Fresh Mommy Blog: collage image of a ukulele, distressed denim, makeup pallet, books, brush set, photo printer, iphone holder, and hoodie from Amazon.

Holiday Gift Guide: Top 16 Best Gifts for Tween Girls on Amazon

Bluetooth speaker – Always listening to music… make it a little easier. 

Gold phone stand* – If she’s going to be on her phone, this is a great way to display what she’s watching, time, etc. 

Colorblock sweatshirt* – Cozy and stylish.

Makeup brush set* – My girl is always asking to borrow my brushes, and I’ve given her some overtime, but a kit is a great way to gift her all the brushes she’ll need. (Meaning no more “borrowing”).

Cozy pom hat* – The cutest hat! This one looks so cozy and plush and hats are a great way to hide bad hair days too. 

Boyfriend jeans – I want a pair like this for myself!

YETI insulated mug with lid – Same with this… I want one too! They’re just getting to the age of asking for coffee, but tea and hot chocolate would go perfectly in this insulated mug as well. Great for cold mornings on the way to school.

Books* – My girl loves a good read and has a few books on her list, especially for downtime during Christmas break. This Percy Jackson boxed set is at the top of her list, along with Sky in the Deep and The Girl the Sea Gave Back.

Eye shadow pallet* – A gorgeous 21 shade pallet is a great gift for any girl, and especially for under $12! 

Converse – Tweens seem to wear sneakers with everything, whether dressed up or down. My girl has a few different pairs on her wishlist, and these Converse are a classic

Moisturizing lip shine* – A little shine, a little color, a whole lot of moisture.

Wet/Dry shaver – I want to drop one of these in my daughter’s stocking this year. I actually REALLY love this Philips one from Target that I talked about in this post, though it’s just not available on Amazon… but if you’re making a Target run??? 

Ukulele starter kit – If you’ve got someone who is musically inclined on your hands, these starter kit for beginners is a great idea! 

Portable photo printer – For all of those photos stuck on her phone, let her set them free to hang on her wall and share with friends. 

Facial cleansing brush – Help her feel pampered, even at home, with a cleansing brush for the face.

Sherpa fuzzy fleece sweatshirt – There’s nothing cozier than a fuzzy fleece. Make it a little fashion too and it’s the perfect gift!

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Holiday Gift Guide: Top 16 Best Gifts for Tween Girls on Amazon by popular Florida life and style blog, Fresh Mommy Blog: image of a mom and her daughter standing outside and hugging.I’m also a big fan of giving the gift of TIME spent together, especially with this age… it seems like they need it more and more. Below are a few gifts that simultaneously mean “time”.

  1. Movie tickets.

  2. Play or theater tickets.

  3. Shopping gift card (with a note to schedule shopping together).

  4. Gift card for manicures.

  5. A board game

  6. New boots (for a hike together) or sneakers (for jogging together).

  7. A coffee gift card.

  8. Crafting kit.

  9. Cooking class or baking supplies.

  10. Airline tickets for a trip together.

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What would you add to the list of best gifts for tween girls? Share in a comment below!