His sweet voice plays some of the deepest chords to my heart. Besides the candor and personality injected in every statement and question, Brayden’s daily professions of, “Mommy, I just love you forever,” and his doses of big hugs do the trick at wrapping me in his blanket of sweetness. While traveling this week, I love watching the excitement and awe spread across his face… like seeing the “Statue of Liverty,” a definite highlight. Below are a few more things that caught my ear recently.Brayden in Brooklyn

As we walked out of Central Park, “Woah, this is just like New York!”
While talking about all of the cities we’re visiting on our #bluesummertour, “We’re just going all around the world!”
“Want to hear my favorite song?” Sure! “Well, I don’t even know what it is… I haven’t heard all of the songs.”
“I don’t even know what I am… like a superhero or something. I just have so many powers. Cause none people have the powers I have. Like when I put my (listening) ears on…”
As he got up in the morning, “I’m just so dehydrated, I haven’t even had any water yet.”
When I asked how he liked falling into Turtle Pond in Central Park, “Well, it was fun swimming in there, and I saw seaweed, but not other creatures and stuff. Except for dead fish. They were gross because they weren’t even cooked yet.” (I know, totally disgusting right?! Haha, he had a reeeaaally good shower that evening.)
After being halfway through our multi-city tour, I asked the kids what some of their favorite places and parts of the trip they enjoyed were, Brayden answered, “Georgia.” When I asked why, he said, “Because we got Starbucks there, and a pop tart from the gas station.” Oh, the little things.


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