Easy DIY Christmas Card and Art DisplayChristmas cards have been rolling in this week, and I always want to find a way to display and show them all off. I just love getting pictures of people I know and love in the mail, really though, only so many can fit on the fridge before they all start falling off every time we open the door. This year we came up with a super simple solution, that will also give way to a cute way to display art and prints once the holiday season is over! To put it together, all you need is a few hangers (we used these wooden slack hangers!) and pins. I had some clear pushpins around the house, but I think it would look even better with gold pins… maybe that will happen sometime later. I totally plan to leave the hangers up after Christmas with fun art prints or the kid’s own artwork. Easy DIY Christmas Card and Art Display Easy DIY Christmas Card and Art Display Easy DIY Christmas Card and Art DisplayEasy DIY Christmas Card and Art Display

And I love sending out Christmas cards just as much as I like getting them… so as a spoiler, our Christmas cards that are in the mail as I type (with photos from this photoshoot)!The Blue Family Christmas Card 2015

This little nook of smiling faces makes me smile! And I just keep adding to our collection daily. 🙂 How do you display your Christmas cards? Tweet me a picture @tabithablue!


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