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green smoothie milkshake

I thought I’d start out this week with a healthy boost of nutrition. Oh yeah, and a giveaway too!

So, my kids love using the blender. Love it. I try to get greens in the mix whenever we make a smoothie, and they’ve had fun with the different green smoothies we’ve done… like the Green Monster Smoothie. Recently, I was craving more chocolate, and wanted to make something more like a milkshake, but didn’t want to get away from the greens. My friend told me about a recipe she loved, and so I switched it up a little by adding spinach, and really? It still pretty much tastes like a milkshake, a weird colored milkshake.
green smoothie milkshake1Of course, my kids wanted to try it, and loved the chocolate taste. So we whipped up a second batch and stored it in the freezer in our Little Green Pouches, so that I could pack in their lunch boxes. I just added it to their lunchbox frozen the next day, and by the time lunch rolled around, they could enjoy a chocolate “milkshake” packed full of leafy green spinach and smoothie milkshake2green smoothie milkshake3I can’t tell if they really liked having the smoothie at lunch or if they just liked using the little pouches! My kids were always asking for applesauce packets… and anything at the store that came in squeezable form. Now, we can make our own. And I have to say that we LOVE using these pouches for all our own recipes… it’s a daily request. And the best part, they really are simple to use, just open the top, use the funnel to add whatever recipe you’ve made and zip close the top. The cap screws off for the kids to love each bit of pureed goodness that’s inside! green smoothie milkshake4

Green Smoothie “Milkshake” 

Ingredients //
1 cup almond milk
3 heaping handfuls spinach
1 tablespoon smooth peanut butter
1 teaspoon cocoa powder
1 frozen ripe banana
1 teaspoon agave nectar or honey
Process //
Add milk first and then pile in the spinach. Then just add the rest of the ingredients on top and blend until smooth. Sometimes I start with a half cup of dry oatmeal and blend dry first, and then add the milk, etc. Or you could put all of the ingredients in the blender at night the night before and store in the refrigerator. You’ll be ready for a healthy breakfast shake in the morning!
So go ahead and try the recipe, and if you want to try the reusable food pouches too, we’re giving away a starter kit from Little Green Pouch, just enter below!

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