Get your energy back and kick start your workouts, even with baby in tow, with this baby and me exercise routine I’m sharing in this post sponsored by The Quaker Oats Company! Sometimes as a mom of four, I feel like my life is a bit of a balancing act in a three ring circus (thus the reason for our DIY family circus costume choice last year!!). Like many mamas, I’m juggling a lot of balls and just hoping to nail the ending. Add in the break from school and everyone home all day during the summer and I’m sure you can imagine my regular routine/working environment has been a bit more colorful and beautifully chaotic than normal. I wouldn’t trade this time with my littles for anything, though aligning with the start of the school year has me taking some purposeful steps to bring a little order back into my routine. One of my main focuses being my overall feeling of health and energy… cause ya’ll four kiddos and a few businesses had me feeling a little drained. I knew it was time to focus on me again, at least just a little bit.

It’s easy to embrace all things delicious during the summer months, and I am not one that will ever say no to an ice cream cone. Needless to say, my summer habits have definitely had an effect on my overall energy during the day. When all you are giving your body is comfort food and satisfying your sweet tooth, I’ve found for me that it just causes a lot of high mountaintops and low valleys in my energy and productivity. My first step to being fresh and fit is to make sure I eat a nutritious breakfast. I’m the type that can easily skip it only to leave myself hangry a few hours later, so my goal is choosing one that gives my body the nutrients and whole grains it needs.It also provides the protein I need with 11g of protein when prepared with ½ cup of Vitamin A and Vitamin D Fortified Skim Milk. One of my go-to breakfasts lately are Quaker’s new Overnight Oats; not only are they made with all the good stuff our bodies want but they are quick and easy and come in all kinds of flavors that are absolutely delicious. So now even when I’m feeling busy, I can skip the hassle and get right to the hustle because the main ingredients that I’d use in a homemade recipe are already in a convenient cup. I just add milk (coconut milk for me!) at night, let it cold-steep in the refrigerator overnight – then wake up to a cool and nutritious breakfast.

For me right now, a more balanced lifestyle doesn’t lie in counting calories…who needs one more thing to do? Instead I’m focusing on making choices that are wholesome and full of good ingredients.

My next step is probably something you’ve heard a million times or more, but I honestly have personally experienced the benefits of drinking more water and I’m a major advocate of how this simple step can really alter not just energy levels but the health of skin and hair. I like to fill up a water bottle at night and have it on my nightstand ready for me to drink first thing in the morning to really give me that boost of hydration as I start my day.

Exercise is a huge part of living an energized, balanced lifestyle for me and I’m still figuring out what mode of exercise I am willing to commit to with my ever-changing schedule.  What I have found success in recently is incorporating a bit of play into my workout routine. My littlest munchkin is still with me most days, all day, and she rarely wants to leave my side, this can make working out a bit of a challenge, so I decided to get her involved and came up with some fun moves that work my muscles while incorporating lots of stolen Eskimo kisses and tummy tickles. The first time I did this workout it was fun and fairly easy to get through, so I didn’t think too much of it…until I was sore for two days! It’s most definitely making a difference in how I feel, and I’d love to have you join me on this journey!

So tell me, when you’re feeling less than energetic, what do you do to get yourself back on track? I’d love to hear! And if you join me in these workouts, let me know… and you can always share and tag me @TabithaBlue on social!!! We’re in this together mamas. 


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