I hate to be the one to tell you, but the New Year is approaching… And with it, the New Year’s Resolution. This year I’m going to challenge you to not make a New Year’s Resolution.Fitness //  2015 Goals by Fresh Mommy Blog

Instead, I think you should make a fitness or wellness goal for the new year. 


Resolutions are kind of asking to be broken by week 3, but goals? Goals are much more concrete.

I don’t want any “I’m going to eat healthier” or “I’m going to work out more.” I want specifics. How specific? Well, I’ll tell you my goal, even though it intimidates me.

My goal is to run 500 miles in 2015. Fitness // #FreshFit 2015 Goals

This may sound very easy to you if you’re a runner. Or it may sound completely crazy if you’re not. But it’s my goal. It’s definitely way more than I’ve ever done before, but I’m confident that it’s an attainable number with some serious dedication.

I think you have a similar goal you can make for 2015. Whether it’s working out 4 hours a week or eating 2 different vegetables with every meal, there’s something for you. Something specific and just a little out of your comfort zone.

So, join me and use the hashtag #FreshFit or comment below and tell me what your goal is!

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