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Tracking PixelWe’re sharing our front door makeover plans and favorite front door decor in this post with Therma-Tru Benchmark at Lowe’s! 

With the holidays upon us, one thing that excites me over and again is when we open our door to friends and family. Dinners, celebrations, cookie making days and so much more are filling our calendar pages!

We’re working hard to finish up some home projects before a stream of guests come though that front door though (a bathroom without a sink isn’t the most feasible option for dinner parties).

What doesn’t excite me though is our home entryway, on top of a little holiday love, it could also use some sprucing as well. So while we tackle a pile of DIY projects we’ve started, like the dresser we’re turning into a bathroom vanity and the tile backsplash in the kitchen, we’ve turned to the help of professionals to make our entrance just as grand as any festivity and a great way to welcome our guests. 

A Christmas present to myself, perhaps, but a welcoming front door and entryway was one of the things on my list… the list that began the day we bought the house. Okay, actually the list began before the home was even ours. 

So as we makeover our front door entryway, we’ll be sharing this whole process on House to Home, but in the meantime, I wanted to show you my inspiration board and give you a sneak peek at our plans!

Our Front Door Entryway BEFORE:

With any home project, I like to go into it with at least a bit of a plan, which is why inspiration boards are SO great for any makeover, from indoors to outdoors. It allows you to see how colors and products work together before purchasing everything. 

I can’t wait to share the finished result, but for today here is the process and progress we currently have started.

Entryway goal: The overall purpose and goal for our entryway is to be a welcoming space while keeping with the modern/farmhouse/midcentury vibe we’re consistently drawn to and have throughout the house. 

The Door: Clearly the front door itself is such a big part of the makeover and we went to the pros on this one. Being that we’re located in Florida and especially after we recently evacuated because of Hurricane Irma, I didn’t want to DIY but opted for something to stand the test of time.

Besides securing our home and welcoming guests, we wanted an energy efficient option and a door weather-rated for our area. After a visit to Lowe’s, we had our Therma-Tru Benchmark door selected and ready to order.

There was a large selection of doors available and after browsing style options, colors, storm-ready doors and more, with all my littles offering their own opinions as well, a Lowe’s professional walked us through the whole process until we selected one that was just right for us and within our budget. 

Since we were having it professionally installed, something that Lowe’s offers as well, a contractor stopped by to measure and make sure everything for our order was just right. With our door ordered, it was time to plan for the rest of the decor.

Lighting: We have an overhead light in this space already, and want to replace it with something that goes with our style. While at Lowe’s we meandered through the lighting area and found a great light to fit the space and our aesthetic. 

A lantern on the ground will complement the light coming from overhead with lit candles for a night of entertaining. And of course, will still look great even when the candles aren’t lit. 😉

Greenery: You can’t have decor without greenery. Well, okay you can, it just won’t look finished. 

Since I don’t have the greenest of thumbs, I’m loving the idea of an uber natural looking artificial lamb ear and white berry wreath for the fresh new door, and of course some galvanized planters for more sprigs of greenery; like evergreen branches for the holidays!

Rug: Every entryway needs a rug, and I’m going back and forth between a personalized option or something more simple. Either way, it will be in a natural color scheme. But, give me your opinion friends, I’d love to hear if I should go with “WELCOME”, something quippy or something personalized.

Paint: While we’re giving our entryway a makeover, we know there’s always time for a little paint! The house color is currently a strange shade of creamy yellow mixed with dirt, and goodness is it time for some TLC.

Extras: We’ll be adding some modern house numbers and I’d love a little wire basket to keep deliveries off of the ground, just to finish up the design element of our front door entryway space. 

Home design is a big part of FMB, so it gives us a little boost to get things moving along. I am pretty sure we’d still be staring at some crazy paint colors and ugly flooring otherwise, instead of tackling many projects at once. But I have to say, with the holidays in sight, I feel like I’m nesting all over again and am feeling pretty motivated to finish up so many of our home projects.

I’ll be sharing this front door overhaul very soon, so stay tuned! Sneak peeks to come on insta stories. Have a great weekend guys!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Therma-Tru Benchmark Doors exclusively available at Lowe’s.