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Frozen Moments -- 7-1
Frozen Moments -- 7-2
Frozen Moments -- 7-3

Our weekly photos…

Skylar // Nine months this past week. He turned nine months. Happy 3/4 birthday to our little bunny.

Brayden // Super heroes and ninja turtles, his current obsessions. We constantly find him at the lego table, or in a corner of a room somewhere with quintessential little boy hands full of marker lines from coloring his super hero pages, dirty fingernails from “playing ninja” in the yard and a handful of toys and gadgets to match.

Aliyah // She’s still teetering the line of little girl somedays, but most of the time she reminds us that not a day goes by that shouldn’t be cherished, because clearly (with braces and all) she’s growing. A common quote around here, “The days may seem long, but the years are short.” True, true.

What moments have you captured lately?