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Those first moments happen. Ten fingers. Ten toes. Seven pounds of love. Fierce and tender love. Seven pounds that rely on you to make them happy and accomplishing that makes you happy. Mama and baby love.

Amongst those feelings of elation and intoxication come others as well.

The feeling of overwhelm, of being at the end of yourself. The moments that don’t seem to end, like there aren’t enough hands, or breaths even, to meet the constant demand. The stream of messes, mood swings  and “mommys!” all in a row. There are times that feel like everything we have to give just isn’t enough. There are days where it seems time is exactly what we need to make it all happen and yet in the same tick-tocks of the clock we wish was larger, the tears and hours don’t seem to end.

I know I’m not the only mama who’s been there in the trenches. And you know what mamas? It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to let it out, to let the tears flow and emotions free. And it’s also okay to give yourself grace too. 

These past few weeks have seen their share of tears. The walls of our home have absorbed the whispers of delight and the cries of sleepy desperation. But even in the midst of the chaos and stress or falling into the sameness of routine, there is more. Life is more than that. When you want to give up, there is beauty still to blossom in front of you. When tears well in your eyes, there is so much brightness in your children’s to see. When your heart feels like it wants to break under pressure, know there are so many moments coming that will make it swell again. A little note I wanted to leave for you mamas today? You’re not alone.

What you’re feeling doesn’t make you less-than or not enough. There will be better, brighter days. Know that it’s okay to cry. And then, it’s okay to take a deep breath and keep doing what you do, because it’s a big job, an incredibly important and fulling job, and it’s something that only you can do. But know that you’re not going at it alone. There is a whole tribe of mamas going through the same things. Maybe you can’t tell when you see them at the park, maybe you don’t notice when you’re just trying to keep your own kids together in the grocery store. Maybe you feel like the only one on the verge of tears in the coffee shop… but those trenches? They’re filled with mamas raising babies. Mamas with big hearts, fierce love, little sleep and their own tears. So yeah, it’s okay to cry, and then give yourself some grace. And then give some grace to the other mamas you see, you just never know what’s under that smile. 


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