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We did it! We moved this past week and are currently fairly settled into our new place. Our main living areas and bedrooms are put together, and our goal now is to tackle the office. Though we aren’t quite feeling completely at home yet, still trying to remember exactly where different things are each day… like vitamins, we are getting there.

In case you missed the first post about this new rental and the before photos, check it out here.

Here is a look at move-in day:
move in day
As you can see, we already have our (now very large and stored in the garage) ever growing pile of items to donate or sell. And as it turns out, there is a neighborhood garage sale happening next weekend, so it should be fairly easy to clear it out. It always great to simplify and get rid of items you won’t need before you move, but it’s inevitable that there will be more, and as you begin to unpack and find a new home for each item, you’ll be able to better see if you still need that item or not. So yes, we’re having TWO garage sales in less than a months’ time, which is more than I’ve held in my life.

Because we had previously laid out the room on paper, we pretty much knew where things were going to go, which made it so much easier on moving day. On the day of move-in, all of our utilities were scheduled to start, including morning appointments for internet, satellite and alarm system. Since we were only moving a couple of miles, this worked out perfectly, because the guys were able to take a load over in the morning and from that moment there was always someone at the house either unloading or unpacking.

The key to moving is to start with your bedroom, and also set up the kids’ beds right away so that whenever you stop working the first day, there are already comfortable and fully made beds to fall into. Once we accomplished this, we unpacked the kitchen with the most helpful and hilarious group of three  friends which made it fun and a little less like work… even though I didn’t want to see another coffee mug again for days.

Like I mentioned before, this is a rental home, so we aren’t doing any big remodels here, just as many rental-friendly updates as we can. The largest task so far has been the painting, outlet upgrades and new trim in the main living space that we made sure to tackle before we moved all our loads of stuff.
Rental House Progress

So now for the FREE DOWNLOAD! If you’re planning a move soon or know someone who is, we’ve rounded up some of the top tips for moving and put them into a guide to make your move as hassle free as possible. I know, the daunting part is actually packing all of your things… but let us help you so you don’t have to try and remember all the little things on your own, like keeping toilet paper easily accessible. If you’re not moving right away, just pin it so you can save this list for later!

And of course, since I’m no expert, I’d love to hear what kind of tips you’ve got from your own moving experiences. Please share! It’s always so great when we can all learn and glean from each other.