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Our list of New Mama Must-Haves and Giveaways!

Yesterday was a big false alarm for us. After contractions starting, and continuing, we loaded up the kids with grandparents and excitedly made our way to the hospital. It was a peaceful process overall. Contractions were averaging around 20 minutes apart, but weren’t making me double over, so it was still in the “easy” phase. Why did I even go in? Well, with two of my three deliveries my water never broke, it was something that happened when it was time to push, so I wasn’t waiting for that. And with my last birth, I tried waiting until contractions were 5 minutes apart because of said water never breaking and we barely made it to the hospital in time (barely 20 minutes before his birth!). I didn’t want to chance it or risk a really quick progression and not make it. So… we spent a couple of hours hooked up to a monitor letting things slowly progress, though I didn’t feel real progression was happening. I was particularly hungry and tired and asked to wait it out at home; mainly so I could eat and be comfortable, since I thought it was going to be a while. Fast forward another couple of hours and I fell asleep in the cozy pile of blankets and pillows on my own bed and during that time things slowed to a halt. What?! I guess we’re waiting for another time and another day. 

While our bags are still in the car, and packing your own hospital bag and the baby’s diaper bag for the hospital is super important, and that’s why I’ve been sharing what I’m packing for baby number four, there are a few things that make a new mama’s life a little easier, no matter how many times she’s a new mama. 😉 I’ve found a few items that I’ve deemed New Mama Must-Haves and I’m sharing those with you today! There are definitely more items we can add to the list for sure, I just wanted to keep it short and sweet and tell you exactly why I’m loving these particular goodies this time around. And another plus? We’re giving them away too!!! So make sure to follow along on Instagram and Facebook, because we’ve got a whole lot lined up (and we’ve already started our giveaway series!). 

My List of New Mama Must-Haves
  1. Having a bassinet in your room, and particularly, near your bed when it’s time to bring baby home is essential. You’re going to be recovering from all kinds of things yourself, sore, sleepy and definitely won’t be wanting to walk to another room or even across the room to attend to your little one during the many feedings through the night those first few weeks (or months). With all of my babies, I’ve had a bassinet right by me and it’s been a life (and sleep) saver! This time I’m using the HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper and can I just tell you that it’s set up in my room already awaiting baby girl and I’m loving it already. It’s cute, and full of function (that swivel feature is pretty amazing). Plus, keeping your new bundle safe is paramount, so we’ve always kept a couple of HALO Sleepsack Swaddles on hand for those early days of swaddling.
  2. Baby wearing isn’t something new and after our first, I took to it immediately. The feeling of having your newborn right there with you. The ability to have your hands free. Keeping your little one happy and cocooned… it all makes for a good thing! The Solly Baby Wrap is growing to uber popular status, and it’s for a good reason. As far as wraps go, it’s one of the softest I’ve seen, comfortable to wear and distributes weight well while keeping baby comfortable. 
  3. Okay, so maybe moccasins aren’t a new mama “need,” but I added it because for me, it’s the one indulgence I like to have for a newborn. To me having that something special for that new addition, especially something that is cute and looks great in photos, is something every mama wants. The good thing with Freshly Picked Moccasins, they look great, wear well (I’ve saved a few pairs for our newest), and of course are adorable in photos!
  4. Whether breastfeeding or not, it’s good to have a great bottle system on hand. I’ve always pumped to have extra milk on hand for emergencies, the ability to get away for an evening (or even just a couple of hours, definitely one of our new mama must-haves), and for when I went back to work. Thankfully all of mine have taken to breastfeeding and would also take the bottle when it was needed, even if it wasn’t their favorite 😉 This time around I’m trying out the Chicco NaturalFit Newborn Bottles and like the fact that they are close to mimicing the feel of mama.
  5. Coffee. Give a new mama her fix 😉 We just made this DIY coffee bar cart so that we could have our coffee fix easily accessible and easy access to coffee, or whatever it is that mama likes to have in the morning, is one of our new mama must-haves for sure! We’ve outfitted our coffee bar cart with the sleek Keurig K200 and we’re giving one away this week on Instagram!
  6. Sleepless nights, long days, tears… something every new mama has and it all leads up to needing a little under-eye help. A really great eye cream is totally a necessity, and I swear by my R+F Multi-Function Eye Cream! My friends and I call it eye crack. If you’re in the market for a new skincare routine or even if it’s just taking care of those dark circles, bags and crows feet, this line up has you covered. It’s done so many wonders for my skin and under eyes, that I don’t mind sharing it with others.
  7. Who would have thought that leggings would be a necessity? I didn’t want to purchase too many “maternity” items while pregnant, but a good pair of support leggings proved to be so indispensable, and to have a good support for AFTER baby arrives is needed as well. Plus, having that support just helps you feel more pulled together, literally and figuratively. 🙂 I’ll be living in my BLANQI High Waist Support Leggings after this babe arrives!
  8. Nursing pads are definitely a must have!! Along with a good nursing bra, and even if you don’t plan to nurse, the pads might be needed for those first few days anyway. I like a good washable pad, since I’m already going to be doing plenty of laundry, it doesn’t bother me to throw something extra in the wash… and I won’t be purchasing and going through box after box of disposable nursing pads for that first month or two of nursing. This time around I’m going with the Bamboobies Nursing Pads because with the heart shape design, they don’t “show through” with lines like many of the round versions do. 
  9. While speaking of nursing, a great cover up is a must. At least for me it is, I like to feel comfortable nursing no matter where I am, and covering myself is a part of that. Plus, one that can double as a car seat cover, and also folds up easily and doesn’t take much space? I’m GREAT with that! This Nursing Poncho Cover (and Car Seat Cover) is the one I’ve already got packed in my bag!

So what about you? Besides this list, what tops your list of new mama must-haves? Anything I’m missing or leaving out? I’d love to hear!

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Now, I’m off to go for a little walk and see what happened to those contractions from yesterday!


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