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Declutter with the Minimalism Game with Fresh Mommy Blog

We had a very blessed holiday season this year. But, as always, when I’m trying to find a home for all of our new gifts, I realize just how much stuff we have. In early December, Max and I went through his toys and donated some, but I still have some organizing to do! And frankly, the adults in this house received just as many toys, so we’re also in need of some space!

Enter the Minimalism Game. 

I read about this idea earlier this month and decided that February would be the month for us. Let me explain the game: Pick a month, any month. On each day of the month, donate or toss as many items as what day it is. For example, on the 1st, get rid of one item, on the 2nd, dispose of two items… and so on, until the end of the month. You can sell, donate, or trash, but it needs to be off your property by the end of the month!

This seems like a lot, especially at the end of the month when you are talking about donating 25-30 items per day. However, I challenge that it won’t be nearly as difficult as you expect. Think about how many shirts your family has vs. how many you need or even like!  

 Here are some of my plans:

Day 1- My old blender. I got a new one for Christmas!

Day 1 – My old blender

Day 2 - Old bathroom containers

Day 2 – Old bathroom containers

Day 12 - Clothes and a random phone charger

Day 12 – Clothes and a phone charger


Tips: Dispose of any clothing item you haven’t worn in a year. Sell any appliance you haven’t used in 6 months. Donate any clothes that are too small- you’ll want to shop if you can fit back into it anyway. Have your kids go through their things, you’ll be surprised at what they will part with. Make your husband clean out the garage. : )

I can’t wait to do this to help with the clutter that is amassing around our home. And I think you should join me! What are some things you are looking forward to getting out of the house?

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