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Though I may have been too tired to whip out a super creative pregnancy announcement, we are sharing a BIG surprise along with ours, and a fun video of our pregnancy announcement to our kids at the end… so lots of facts and details coming your way! And if you REALLY just want the video, scroll to the bottom 😉

If you want to read about how Chris and I reacted to the news, keep on reading!

Pregnancy Announcement featured by top US life and style blog Fresh Mommy Blog

“Is he okay?” The nurse asked.

As I sat in a state of shock, just a few inches away I could see his eyes well up as a tear rolled it’s way down the curve of his cheek.

Just seconds before – though it felt like stretched out minutes of time – we held hands, and at least for me? I held my breath.

“There is something I need to check, I noticed something a moment ago,” the doctor said as he tilted the gleaming screen that jumped out of the darkness, just a little more in our direction.

As our eyes scanned the ultrasound screen, not really understanding anything we were looking at, he answered our un-asked questions.

“Yes, there you go… there are two. Two babies. Two heartbeats.”

The first words that rolled off of Chris’ tongue were, “Are you serious?” Followed by laughter. The kind of laughter that allows tears to flow.

I lay there, suspended in that moment, allowing it all to sync in. I was grateful — SO grateful that everything was okay. I’ve been in that room before, when tears were of the other variety and not rooted in laughter. So this time around, when our doctor needed to “check something”, it wasn’t “TWO” that was even in my thoughts, even a possibility, instead it was a prayer that everything was okay.

Okay indeed it was. 

And then, once that settled into my heart, my thoughts, my belly, my very breath… that everything was okay. Then I could begin to process what came next.

It was like both thoughts could barely coexist. I had to settle one before I could grab hold of the other.

And honestly, I think it took me a few weeks for the idea to truly settle — into my heart, my thoughts, my belly, my bones — that there are now two. 

Pregnancy Announcement featured by top US life and style blog Fresh Mommy Blog

Two beating hearts to love. Two babies to bounce. Two mouths to feed. Two little ones to complete our family and make our home and life more than we could have ever dreamed.

I think there may be a lot more tears in our future, if I’m being honest. Tears of all varieties. For now though, we laugh, and we celebrate TWO. We celebrate TWINS!!!

Pregnancy Announcement featured by top US life and style blog Fresh Mommy Blog
Pregnancy Announcement featured by top US life and style blog Fresh Mommy Blog
Pregnancy Announcement featured by top US life and style blog Fresh Mommy Blog

Fun (or random) Facts About Our Pregnancy Announcement:

Well, as it turns out this will indeed be a BIG year for our family and instead of adding ONE… well, you know. 😉

Gestational age, or the age of the babies, are calculated to be January 1st! And we found out that we were expecting twins on February 14th, Valentine’s Day. I guess it’s safe to say these TWO want to make a big statement in our lives this year.

Towards the end of last year, we decided to give ourselves through the summer for the possibility of another baby. At that point, we knew we’d either be adding to our family, or we’d know it was time to be permanently complete as a family of six.

I guess God had bigger plans for us in the works, and maybe our plans were just a little too limiting, because this news blew the roof off our own ideas.

I’ve been feeling all the feels since finding out, including lots of nausea. I pretty much wake up spending time in the bathroom and hope to keep my dinner down each night, but even through the worst of it, I know it means our little ones are growing – and that’s a really good thing.

And goodness, I’m growing this bump quickly. I’m sure the fact that there are TWO is helping it pop, but I feel like I’m showing so quickly! I’m excited to share just so I don’t have to keep hiding my bump!

Also, I’ve been a little MIA, some of it due to the exhaustion and the nausea, and some because I feel like the more I talk, share and show myself online… the more I would let it slip and I just wanted to savor our secret and let it all really sync in before I shared.

So, there it is, our BIG secret… our special pregnancy announcement.

Ps. Um, twins! I’m going to need all your twin mama tips and advice. And now that the surprise pregnancy announcement is out of the bag, I’m going to be sharing a lot now on Instagram stories and probably asking loads of questions, so come join me there as well!