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felt bunting-6

This weekend we woke to the sound of nothing… literally. Fans shut off, electronics powered down and street lamps all lost their darkness-piercing glow to a neighborhood power outage. As it turns out, a quiet candlelit morning before the sun rises isn’t so bad. And subsequently, neither are a couple of days offline due to a blown something-or-other that needed replacing after the pre-outage power surge.

And today? Today I think we should celebrate! Power is on, internet is at our fingertips and it’s the first day of October, the first day of my favorite calendar trifecta that sings it’s praise of cozy things, of sweet and spicy things, of baking things, of very merry things.

As we hulled our tote out of the garage marked with a cheery Fall on the front to start cozying our home, we also weaved in a few new pieces to our collection. Grabbing a handfull of 39 cent sheets of felt, a plastic cup, sharpie and scissors, Aliyah and I set out to make a very sweet and spicy inspired garland while we sipped hot apple cider. Though it was cider from my Keurig, a far cry from the orchard cider we’re used to… a 1000 mile far cry, it was still a delicious, glass raising Cheers to our Autumn decor.

felt bunting prep
(Quick phone photos during the process.)

We marked out the circles, cut each one, chose the color pattern and stitched a thick string through each circle, tying knots at both ends of the string when finished.

felt bunting-8 felt bunting-7felt bunting-2

The first nod to fall to grace our space.

felt bunting-9
We hung the garland as a double strand (and even have a bit left over we need to cut off) over the mantel along with the Celebrate sign we recently made for Aliyah’s birthday party.

felt bunting-10

And since we had a tote with plenty of little Fall bobbles left at the bottom, we decided to whip up a centerpiece from a wooden box in the garage that we use for parties, a couple of mason jars with candles in them and the bobbles arranged in the negative space that was left.

felt bunting-12

Easy peasy.

felt bunting-13

Happy first day of October! We’re going to fall into the arms of the next three months with abandon, starting with some pumpkin bread.

Please excuse me now, so the Baking of the Pumpkin Bread can commence.