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It’s hard to believe it’s been an entire year since that first time I walked my little girl through the double doors that now lead down a familiar hallway, to a classroom where she learned what it’s like to open up… to friends, to new ideas, to learning. Doors she’s exited many a time with wide grins and once or twice with a tear. And now we’re about to do it all over again. So lately, between the recent travels and our dawn till dusk schedules that’s left me a bit MIA around here, we’ve been enjoying backpack shopping, collecting and sharpening pencils, and I’m just now starting to wonder what’s in my kid’s closets that will land the honor of First Day.

If you’re in the same boat, here are a few links from our first year of school that could help to kick off your First Day with a bang:

The Teacher Gift.
Yes, it’s a thing, and yes, it was totally appreciated.
Teacher Gift

The First Day of School Breakfast.
I loved having this special time with the kids as a way to celebrate them and start the day off on a super happy note.
First Day of School Breakfast

Mom thoughts and First Day photos.

Fresh Box.
My Instagram inspiration for fresh and easy lunch ideas! Come follow along with me @TabithaBlue and share your own with the hashtag #freshmommyfreshbox so we can all get some new lunch ideas infused into our kids lunch boxes.

How are you mommies doing? Are you feeling ready for this school year?! I’ve had the date in my calendar for awhile, and I can’t even believe I’m a week out. We’ll be gone all week on a last minute, last hurrah family vacay and so getting ready for this year needs to be a quick and pain free process. Any tips you’d like to share?