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Citar = Quote (in Spanish)
There are so many great quotes spoken by so many great people.  Sometimes, when I hear or read these, they really jump out to me and touch my heart… or my funny bone.  On Sunday’s I’m going to try and share one with you!  
For this week’s Sunday Citar, Barbara Curtis, a professional teacher and mother of eleven (including 3 with Down’s Syndrome – 1 by birth, 2 by adoption), wrote the following paragraphs in her book, Small Beginnings.

“Yes, some days I do feel more tired than I’d like. Still, I try not to let fatigue rob me of the reward of being a mom. Let’s face it, for those of us raising toddlers, the days of plenty of rest seem too far off of our grocery-list-cluttered minds to imagine.
But when I catch a glimpse of my well-rested future, I can’t help but think how much I will miss those peanut-buttered fingers tugging at my jeans. And no matter how long a particular day may seem now, I know I will remember them as going by too fast.”

I love that.  It’s so true and necessary to remind ourselves of that.  We can be happy and tired at the same time!