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It’s a word that emits a certain emotion, it’s bright, brilliant… makes me smile. And yet, do I really know what it means to be radiant. To emit rays of light, to live bright with joy?

There are days when I certainly don’t feel this way. Days when I feel like it’s all I can do to keep crumbs off of the floor so that my eleven month old doesn’t choke on days old cheerios, and if one more thing is left out I might cry. There are days when I have about four different business ideas rolling through my head and I can hear my husband’s voice yet realize that I haven’t actually heard what he was saying. There are days when us mamas watching all of our karate kids practice their moves on the mat are almost asleep in the chairs because someone wasn’t feeling well and didn’t sleep through the night.

And then there are the days. The days where each moment, mostly amidst the chaos, I decide to live life on purpose. I decide that life isn’t meant to be lived frustrated with the mess when I should be enjoying the mess makers. I decide to take in one thought at a time and make the rest take a number. I decide that I can enjoy a few moments and take a break from what we like to call “multitasking”.

Recently I was having a conversation with a friend, and though I wasn’t doing anything spectacular or offering magical advice, I was there, I was a friend. Later on a received a text saying, “Thank you… for being such a light.” You see, I think sometimes with our (especially women) complex nature and desire to please, help and change people , we can make things to complicated. Many times our days, and the days of those around us, can change for the better when we decide to be present, to be a friend, to give a smile, to just be there. So, that’s where I am today. It’s been a long day, one where I’ve needed to remind myself to be radiant. Okay, more than once. And by more than once, I mean about 20 times. Luckily I’ve had this reminder on my phone screen and desktop… and you can too!m_82_pf_open_white 048


I’ve collaborated with my friend Beth Ann from the awesome Maryland based print shop Elleizahbeth to bring you this radiant background! Check out her beautiful and inspiring hand-drawn prints.

If you’re going to be starting at your screen for most of the day, at least treat it to an inspiring desktop…MAY DESKTOPDress your desktop along with me, or you can email the file to your phone and set the image as your background or lock screen (that’s what I did!). Just click to download below.

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