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sib book 1
My husband came across this book in a kitchy little bookstore before Brayden was born.  It quickly became a fun project for us to work on with his big sister.

sib book 2
She was excited to answer the questions, help glue in the photos,

sib book 3
and draw pictures for her soon-to-arrive little brother.

sib book 4
The first part of the book takes you through the thoughts of the big sibling before the new baby arrives.  Then continues on through the first year of the baby’s life, interviewing the older sibling, marking milestones, keeping track of the differences and similarities between the kids.

sib book 5
I loved putting in the ultrasound photos.

sib book 6
I had to dig to find Aliyah’s, but look, my kids are twins!

sib book 7
Of course, this is what she thought of the image.

sib book 8
I could seriously look through this book all day.  It’s addicting.

She loves filling in the pages, and can’t keep from looking at all the pictures.  And I’m sure someday, in a couple of years, when she’s making her brother help clean her room and he asks why, she’ll be able to say, “Because I spent an ENTIRE YEAR OF MY LIFE making you a book.”