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today I am…
trying:: everything I can to have a baby today. Help! Any ideas?

giggling:: still, about my sweet husband letting me sleep this morning as he took care of Aliyah while getting ready… and the couple times she escaped him to let me know she was whispering so as not to wake me.
wondering:: how I ever made it past 40 weeks pregnant! Our little guy must be a very content little fellow.
realizing:: why I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever… we first found out we were pregnant last January (2009), had a year of ups, downs and ups again, and now waiting for our miracle to arrive.
hoping:: I’ll get some time today to dive into a racy thriller starring… ME! A fun little V-day gift from the man I’m madly in love with. That man would be my husband, in case you were wondering.
sharing:: my computer with my daughter for a moment: egyftr32t2w12lke utr525TWUEQRWQ3TGB QYUDUJS FRUEYFRU7T64IRUEYWTD
enjoying:: all the freshness that’s been spreading all over my house these past couple of weeks, reminding me of warmer days to come.
letting:: a smile flicker and brighten my face each time I see the flowers and think of him.
wrapping:: up a couple of projects I’ve been working on, and delighting in the sense of accomplishment.
remembering:: this moment in time, enjoying it, and hoping you are too!