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today, I am…

wishing:: I could’ve stayed snuggled in my bed a bit longer this morning, but enjoying every moment out of it.

anticipating:: fun with friends while watching another late afternoon softball game tonight. 

snacking::  on a perfectly ripened banana smeared with peanut butter, yum.

enjoying:: the beautiful sunlight drifting through my office windows, work is always better with sunlight.

tasting::  all the freshness at our fingertips from our little garden.

loving::  the way this little one makes me feel, every. single. day.

thinking:: about all the wonderful, funny and inspiring quotes you all shared on Sunday, and so glad that my new friends are joining in!

falling:: more in love with my man, again.

hoping:: I can get all the cleanup/planting/weeding/preparing done in time for our season of pool parties and bbq’s… and if not, that I can peacefully let go in time to enjoy.
(and no, we do not make her wear this floatation device at all times… she just rather enjoys it)

wondering::  what are you doing today?