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today I am…

enjoying:: a morning at home with my kids

realizing:: our cat, Dolce, needs a haircut again

photo courtesy of Briony, while hanging out at our house last night

grateful::  for good friends that feel comfortable enough at my house to snap pictures of whatever they’d like

working:: on a fun kid’s closet organization project… I’ll be sharing with you later

making:: myself stop procrastinating and write my little miracle’s birth story… maybe
Brayden born bw

sorry:: for any men that just saw this photo and had an awkward reaction, you never know what you might get yourself into here

fulfilling:: sweet motherhood duties, like hanging diapers out to dry while the sun is shining on our back deck.

needing:: to finish up some design projects I’m working on for a great work that’s happening in Thailand

amazed:: at how wonderfully my life has changed since my first, my daughter, was born over three years ago, and now, again with the birth of my son

marveling:: at how much the above photo looks like my newborn, but really it’s a photo of Aliyah just days after she was born

glad:: we’ve learned to take better photos

signing:: off here so that I can play, cook, clean, change diapers, nurse, correspond with Thailand, fold laundry, and hopefully take a shower

Have a great Monday!