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Today I’m feeling pretty random.  Unlike the rest of the time when I’m clear headed, focused and straight to the point.  {grin}

It’s raining.  Again.  I’m cold and yet within minutes I’m hot.  I need to paint my nails.  I’ve been drinking what feels like loads of water today, with added trace minerals.  Baby Blue’s hair is in a ponytail fouhawk today, and it’s cute.  We almost added another kitten to our clan, and then decided to stick with Dolce.  She has enough love to go around, but I may need Ginko.

And so, a puppy not 30 minutes from where I live was picked up in a 70 mile-an-hour gust of wind, later found, and survived.  Did I start laundry this morning? I’m making pasta for dinner.  I hope the weather in Florida is nice.  Besides, I’m planting a garden this year and haven’t ordered a single seed.  And my aunt’s birthday is Sunday.  On top of that, I don’t like walking on bridges and The White House is on Flickr!

Don’t think you’re off the hook that easy, there’s more.

I’m so glad my girl can get along with boys.

She had a blast with these guys.

train ride

We miss them, and from what I’ve heard, they miss Auntie Tab’s house.  Gigi, you’d better send them right on over, and that’s an order.  Please?


But one thing is certain, I don’t have swine flu.