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Lest you think it’s all sunshine and daisies over here, I have something to admit. It’s not. There’s a quote I love… “Don’t compare your behind-the-scenes with someone else’s highlight reel.” There will always be a part of someones life that you don’t see on Facebook. There are always a few photos that get deleted before a good one ends up on Instagram. A blog post is just a snippet of someones life… just a page in what could be an entire book of behind-the-scenes. And yet, sometimes the strongest people are the ones that love beyond faults, even when it hurts, they are the ones that cry behind closed doors and make choices that no one knows about. So never get stuck on a page of someone else’s story and compare.  Never let the good that someone else is doing hinder the goodness that’s looking for a way to shine in your own.
What does this have to do with Valentine’s Day and free printables? Oh not too much, but I thought I’d share a little bit of our behind-the-scenes from a day where I just had to laugh, because the alternative might have been to cry right along with my wee ones.


Recently we ventured out into the golden rays that were casting pretty shadows and lines across our yard and the nearby greens of a trail. My goal was to let the kids play with their new bow and arrow set that we created together, and in the process to snap a few happy photos for our Valentine’s Day project and create a video of it all. My good friend, and photography partner, grabbed her gear as well, and Chris helped entertain the kids and get the laughs going. It started well, with tree climbing and sharing of the bow, there were smiles, though some forced, and happy little laughs and twirls. Five minutes after walking out of our door, hunger began to set in… and unrest. So we quickly packed it up and headed to the nearby grassy hill for a slight change of scenery. Brayden took his shoes off on the way there, and I, figuring it was no big deal, let it be. Until the burrs. Oh dear Lord, the burrs. One step off of the sidewalk and little brother was a hot mess of screaming tears. I balanced him on my hip with his feet sticking up behind him so we could pull out every last tiny little needle in his picker covered bare feet and then placed his shoes back on to calm him down before I fell over into the burr covered grass with my pregnant belly giving me a balance test. We continued the shoot, with smiles between the tears, with bribes between the sighs, and with laughs at the craziness of it all.

There aren’t a whole lot of and-thens to this story, however, we’ve had our share of those too. We’ll just say that my kids are troopers and great at getting into the let’s celebrate and have fun where we are moments, even though they are still kids, and still have real feelings and emotions. They don’t always like getting dressed and sometimes forget what it means to share. Sometimes little things that we don’t think should matter, does to them and makes them cry. But we choose to remember the good. We like to focus on the beautiful moments and in turn, the others tend to fade away.

Because I’m grateful for all of you, and during this month of love, I want to share with you our little Valentine’s Day project that we made with the photos from our day out in the golden sun and burred grass, with a free printable for you to use to share your own V-day love.
valentine baggie

valentine baggie topper

Go ahead and download the FREE editable valentine baggie topper here, and make your own! This is an editable psd file, formatted for a standard size baggie, so you can just drop in your photos, and I left the front text editable as well in case you decide to fill a baggie with something else and want to change the wording.

For a tutorial on how to make your own simple Cupid’s Bow + Arrow set just click here!


Enjoying the golden moments, and happy to be in my own shoes. Just like the behind-the-scenes-moments, no matter how good someone’s shoes might look, you never know if their socks might have holes in them… or their feet, burrs.

I’m beyond excited to share this video that Briony helped make of our fun little adventure, with music put together by our friend, Marina Mullins.