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I hear the sound of tires quietly humming on the seemingly long stretch of road that separates us from our last adventure and our beds cloaked in crisp, clean sheets. The littles have their heads cocked to the side, trying to get comfortable, while their eyelids fight between half-mast and locked down. But I think closed lids are winning out.

It’s been another day, filled to the brim, that leaves us happy and satisfied. And somehow I still managed to tape up a few packed boxes, blast through a mountainous pile of laundry, gift us all fresh linens to climb into tonight and cook a fresh dinner with my husband. But more importantly? My girl lavished some love on one of her besties… One that she already knows she’s going to miss when we’re gone. And us mamas took care of our littlest babes (her three month old wins out as the littlest, and most snuggly, for sure!) while the girls chased each other around the splash pad and rehearsed their favorite dance routines over blue cotton-candy ice cream cones.

Aliyah and Jayden
Aliyah and Jayden
Aliyah and Jayden

And then just as the last dinner dish found it’s way into the dishwasher and the last of the crumbs were wiped from the table, we packed into the car and arrived at our favorite aquatic center (home to Brayden’s first birthday party) just as the clock reached the kids’ bedtime. “Is it going to be dark when we come out?” Aliyah whispered excitedly under her breath.

But the evening hours didn’t seem to wane their excitement or their energy.

Though I kept my camera tucked away carefully in the locker room and instead kept my hands full of riding the little slide with my almost toddler and waving at big sister on the big slide, and then switching turns with daddy to laugh my way down the big blue twists behind my girl… I still managed to sneak out my phone for a clip of Aliyah, my four year old, fearlessly taking her turn in the the footsteps of teenagers off the diving board.

And now, to bed, friends. Where rest, and my husband, beckon. I hope you all have a wonderful beginning to your week!

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