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As our babes grow and evolve, so does the diaper bag we tote along with them! Less is needed; like fewer outfit changes and a smaller amount of diapers (thankfully they go through less and less), but there are still those things we just are better off not leaving home without! For example, wipes will always be a part of my hand bag, they just come in way to handy; I use them for everything!! 

Mommy Know’s Best recently asked me to spill the contents of my diaper bag (knowing I’ve got a couple of their goods on hand as well of course!), and so I laid it all out there in this video. Thankfully, even after our summer road trip, it wasn’t too bad… I was afraid it would be full of too many crazy random items. When digging through the bottom of the bag, I found a few extra things like a nail file, pen and highlighter; but basically what you see is what you get in this diaper bag that I’ve been using for years now and carry for my toddling little one. 

A few essentials for an efficient toddler diaper bag:

  • Snacks! I try to always keep something on hand, because no one likes to be hangry, and toting a hangry child along is even worse. 
  • Diapers and wipes are still a must in our lives, and even once we’re past the diapering stage (which won’t be for awhile yet), I still like to carry wipes with me… from wiping down the car, to dirty fingers and messy faces, they just come in handy.
  • Sun protection. While sunglasses aren’t really a necessity for my babe (I do feel like they are for me though, with sensitive eyes it can be hard for me to see without them on a truly bright day!), having sunscreen on hand is! I usually have some kind of sunscreen in my bag or in the car for any impromptu outings under the sun.
  • Ointment. I love this natural ointment that we made and there are a few other natural ones that we’ve found and the great thing is that they can be used for more than just your babe’s bum. I keep mine on hand for all of our kiddos bumps and scrapes, rashes and even to use as a carrier for applying essential oils!
  • We make our own sanitizing spray and love it! I’m able to use it for just about everything; our hands and any surfaces we need to make sure are clean. 
  • This maternity belt is the perfect gift for expecting mamas, and the great thing is that you can use it postpartum as well; it’s an amazing support especially when traveling and hiking like we recently were. 

What’s in YOUR diaper bag?! Do spill. 😉

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