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This YOU ARE LOVED free background download for all of your devices is to give us all that daily reminder that we truly are loved.

While we’re in the month of LOVE, I know there are also so many that aren’t quite feeling the love. With galantines parties, anti-Valentine’s day sentiments and just complete avoidance of the day as proof, love is something that at times we feel avoids us.

So I just wanted to give you this reminder today. And a reminder you can keep with you all month long… YOU are loved. 

To the single mama who is trying to decide between a fast dinner for the kids or baths before she crashes into bed herself, to the boss babe who feels like her wheels are spinning but her speed is so much slower than it should be, to the wife who is desiring to hear those sweet words again, to the beauty that is waiting to find her true love… you are loved. 

To the working mama who feels the tug of guilt when she kisses her littles goodbye, to the home mama who at times feels less than; to the one whose weight isn’t yet lost and to the one who can’t find the pounds she needs… you are loved.

To the daughter who wants to know her parents and to the mother who wishes she could reconnect with her grown ones; to the one who has built a wall of confidence around a wilting heart and to the one who has felt a beating heart with her own and lost… you are loved.

To the boo boo kissers, the tear wipers, the ones with shoulders to lean on, the cookie bakers, the late-night writers, the shower-singers, the day dreamers and the ones who hide their tears under a veil of smiles… you are loved.

In case you hadn’t heard it lately, I wanted you to know, you are loved.

Go ahead and download this background! Print it out and hang on your mirror. Put it on your desktop, set it as your phone’s lockscreen. Share this post with friends and family! Write a note to someone you haven’t connected with in awhile and remind them of the same. One thing I’ve learned… when I’m feeling less than loved, I give a little more love, and it always comes back.

YOU ARE LOVED Inspirational Wallpaper Download here: Desktop | iPad/iPhone