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26 weeks

Baby Boy Blue,
This week has been a harder one, I’ve really felt tired… and we’ve been really busy. In fact, this weekend I was actually able to get a nap, but I got up early from it to get these pictures. Then I couldn’t stop yawning while we were taking them. 🙂 You’ve been kicking and moving SO much though, and every single time it makes me smile. Your Uncle Jeremy felt you move this week and he talked to you, you’ll have fun playing with him. We’ve finally started the clearing out of your room, and your big sis has been sleeping in her new room for a couple of nights now. She’s doing so well, and has been showering you with hugs and kisses this week. It’s definitely getting harder to chase her around though, I’ve been moving a bit slower this week. We all are thrilled that you’ve entered our lives, and daily we wonder what life will be like with you in it. We can’t wait to meet you and see what kind of personality you have! Right now, you’re such a little tumbler.