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Mom On The Run Series from Fresh Mommy Blog - 3 Easy Hairstyles When You Don't Have Time

I’ve received a lot of requests on how to do the half-up top knot, and I decided to do you one better — three easy hairstyles each in just a minute! From getting curls done in under a minute, a half-up top knot and a side braid, all for those days when you don’t have time to do your hair! Perfect for a Mom on the Run. 

Oh yeah, did I mention that’s the name of our new series on YouTube?! With Mom on the Run, we’ll be sharing different tips for busy lives, lazy days, or you know, when you’re chasing after four little ones and don’t have time for things like, say doing your hair. 😉

I’d love to see your easy hairstyles too!! Just tag me on Twitter or Instagram so I can. 🙂 And hopefully this helped you whether you’re a mom on the run, or just needed something to save a little time in the morning.

Now, as with any series, my goal is for a monthly post, so we’ll see how that goes! Make sure to subscribe to our channel to get all the updates!

Happy Holiday weekend friends, enjoy the BBQs!


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