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38 weeks

Baby Boy Brayden Blue,
As we enter 39 weeks, all eyes are on you. Waiting. Ready. And I’m ok with that. I know our world will be turned upside down again, in an amazing way, when you arrive, and I’m ok with whatever time that happens to be. You seem to have grown so much this past week, I don’t know how you’ll fit with growing any more. Our 38 Week appointment with the midwife went wonderfully and you’re getting the highest scores and looking so healthy. I’ve gained about 38 pounds with you, and have been ravenously hungry this past week. Each and every time I sneeze, I feel like I’m going to start up contractions, your little head is so, so low. Some family and friends just threw a little “sprinkling” (mini baby shower) for you this past weekend, and everyone was wondering whether or not we’d show up. We, in fact, did make it (no going into labor) and we’re so very blessed. You are already one very well loved little guy! There isn’t much more I can say about how I’m feeling that hasn’t been said, just so very soon now.