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Happy weekend, folks! I’ve got a few half written posts full of ramblings from the heart, because well, lately when I have a free moment that is, I’ve been a bit introspective. Maybe it’s the hormones finally evening out, maybe. Maybe it’s the new school routines and life with three, as in, I have three kids. Maybe it’s the fact that we have a couple of life changes coming up, again, in the next month. But also, they’re only half written because every time I sit to write, the phone rings, or someone has to go potty, or someone already did and needs a diaper change, or someone is hungry, or it’s time to load up the car for school pickup or errands or karate class. Now, I’m not here to grumble or complain, because we are loving life as a family of five, and I’m not the only mama working to balance life and work and raising beautiful babies. But holy wow, sometimes the day just gets away, doesn’t it?

So while I’m headed out to the garage to organize a garage sale for tomorrow, because we very recently found out that we need to move next month (we’re renting and the owners are selling, so for the past two weeks, our home has become a show house with the constant need to stay clean as complete strangers walk through and touch everything) I decided to share a couple things we’ve been enjoying lately through the crazy…

Skylar 3 months
1 // This little munchkin is so happy, and talkative, and playful lately… and when he’s not he’s either falling asleep or chilling out. I’m addicted to his smiles, seriously. And also? I thought this photo would be so much happier for today’s post instead of showing the chaos that is my desk right now… a photo of that hot mess was in the running as a consideration for this post. I like Skylar’s face SO MUCH MORE.

2 // This story. What if we all could learn to see each other this way? What if we all dealt with hurtful words in this manner? The world would be a completely different place.

3 // Have you seen “#Hashtag” yet? I played it in the car for my family, dad included, one day while we were probably headed to one of those karate lessons or errands, and ever since my dad and I have been sending hashtag messages to each other. Want a quick laugh? Watch it.

4 // New paint colors. One thing I’m excited for in a new place is picking out paint, and specifically for the new place we found… light! Our bedroom has been feeling like a bit of a cave lately with minimal natural light, and I’m so excited for a bedroom with more light. The packing? Not so much, thus the reason I haven’t even started yet.

5 // Giveaways! We’ve got a few more in the pipeline for you awesome peeps… so stay tuned.

What have you been enjoying lately? I hope you have a smashing good weekend!