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I’m happy to welcome Xenon Project as a sponsor this month! A perfect addition in time for Christmas shopping.

Stay tuned for a special coupon code to use and get some of your shopping done early! (Is three weeks still considered early?)


What just so happened to be exciting about them climbing aboard the Fresh Mommy train was the fact that Aliyah has been asking for a remote control helicopter for some time now. Seriously. She wanted one for her birthday, but the ones she likes are all a little above her age range, so we decided to wait.

Xenon Project to the rescue!


They offer all kinds of remote control fun at great discounted prices, and although the age range still flies a bit above my girls head (yeah, cheesy pun intended, sorry) my kids love watching and trying to get it in the air.


I have to say, remote control helicopters are not easy to control. But we do have a ton of fun just trying to make it happen. One of the drawbacks is the long charge time and short flying time, but I’ve heard that’s true of pretty much all little choppers. And if it’s not charged up, it won’t fly as high.

Even with all of that wrapped up in this cute mini helicopter package, we love it. It brings lots of laughs and fun into our house.


If you’re buying gadgets for guys or toys for tots (well, maybe not tots, but the alliteration was there and I went for it), Xenon Project is definitely worth a look!

And to sprinkle a little Christmas cheer on it all, you can use the coupon code FreshMommy to receive a 10% discount. Shop away, friends.