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I feels like December was a full-on month of Christmas. We didn’t wipe the silly, tinsel lined grins off of our faces from the moment we started hanging bulbs of sparkly red on our tree. Brayden would constantly ask, “Is this Christmas again?” and excitedly remark, “We’re still going to have more Christmases!”

We’ve had such an amazing season. So many memories piling up, weaved just perfectly between cuddle fests on the couch and sugar cookie hangovers. We let the celebratory pendulum swing from keeping busy with light shows and dates with friends to the much needed actual days of Christmas where we didn’t get out of our new jammies for two days straight. It was fun and magical and glorious and oh-so-sugary… the perfect holiday recipe.

Just looking at these photos makes my heart ache a bit that it’s now past, and yet as I look at each one I smile again at the memory. I can see the lights twinkle and dance. I can smell the fresh fir trees and wreaths. I can hear the wee giggles. And now heading into 2014 I’m thankful, once again, for these three that I’m blessed to call mine, and another very full year (and Christmas season) written on the pages of our story.

Christmas 2013 FMB-19 Christmas 2013 FMB-20 Christmas 2013 FMB-21 Christmas 2013 FMB-22 Christmas 2013 FMB-23 Christmas 2013 FMB-24 Christmas 2013 FMB-25 Christmas 2013 FMB-26 Christmas 2013 FMB-27 Christmas 2013 FMB-28 Christmas 2013 FMB-29 Christmas 2013 FMB-30 Christmas 2013 FMB-31 Christmas 2013 FMB-32 Christmas 2013 FMB-33 Christmas 2013 FMB-34  Christmas 2013 FMB-36 Christmas 2013 FMB-37 Christmas 2013 FMB-38  Christmas 2013 FMB-40  Christmas 2013 FMB-57 Christmas 2013 FMB-58  Christmas 2013 FMB-61Christmas 2013 FMB-35

The millions of twinkle lights dancing along the palms and branches of the botanical garden was enough to make us break into dance as well. Well, that and the Christmas music.

Christmas 2013 FMB-19 Christmas 2013 FMB-18 Christmas 2013 FMB-17 Christmas 2013 FMB-16 Christmas 2013 FMB-15
The zoo had pretty spectacular lights as well… and giraffes, hungry giraffes that we fed. It was pretty much awesome.

Christmas 2013 FMB-14
This was so beautiful… and right before this happened. It was hilarious, and sad, and funny and a little sweet.

Christmas 2013 FMB-22
Our new, very small, collection has begun!

Christmas 2013 FMB-57 Christmas 2013 FMB-24
From leaving out reindeer food on Christmas Eve to seeing the big guy himself the week before at the Christmas parade, smiles I tell you. We were full of smiles.

Christmas 2013 FMB-11 Christmas 2013 FMB-9 Christmas 2013 FMB-8 Christmas 2013 FMB-7 Christmas 2013 FMB-6 Christmas 2013 FMB-5 Skylar opened his very first Christmas present about a week before Christmas for a family party while my parents were in town! By Christmas morning, he was a pro… at eating the paper.Christmas 2013 FMB-4 Christmas 2013 FMB-3 Christmas 2013 FMB-2 Christmas 2013 FMB-1 Christmas 2013 FMB-20 Christmas 2013 FMB-13
I hope this year, and this Christmas made you smile. It sure did for us!

Happy New Year my fiends. Please be safe, and fun.