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He says something little. Something that may seem insignificant if a passerby were to hear. To her though, to her it means so much more. And then within mere seconds, she’s gone, lost in a waterfall of tears. But these tears? They’re happy tears that run faster, harder with each laugh.

Sometimes people search for something all their lives, only to realize at the end that they had everything they needed, everything they wanted all along. These two… they know what they’ve got. They realized it early on. And haven’t looked for anything else, anyone else, anything more or better or different since.

“In a sea of people, my eyes will always search for you.”

I was happy to have my parents visit us from Michigan, and we all took advantage of the time to get in a little shoot with them, which wasn’t without tears. And laughter of course.
  mom and dad
mom and dad 3
mom and dad 2

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