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I haven’t had a chance to write a blog post yet… but I didn’t want to miss out on sharing with you all! Life has been so busy lately… it makes for so much to write about and less time to do it 🙂 So, for those of you who would like to know more… here is an older journal entry. Quite a bit older, dated back to April 23, 2007.

Wow, what an incredible experience. I just tucked Aliyah into her pretty decorated crib, into the sheets that I made my husband take me on an hour drive to buy. It’s the bedding set I found online and wanted to see and probably paid too much for.

All that doesn’t even matter at this moment. One of Aliyah’s nightime “snacking’ times came a little earlier tonight, and I wasn’t sure if I should go to her or wait and see if she would go back to sleep, but her cries for me just got louder. As I rocked back and forth in the dimly lit room with Aliyah peacefully in my arms, I realized all she really wanted was me. Yes, she ate, but the love with which she held onto me showed what she was feeling. I can’t even begin to explain the overwhelming feeling of love I feel. All I can do is stare… stare at her pretty little lips as she drifts back off to sleep. Stare at her hair thats sticking out all over the place from the baby oil after her evening bath. Stare at her eyebrows so defined already, just at 7 months. All I can do is stare and hold her closer. Not even wanting to put her back into those pretty little sheets. Just to get one last gaze, one last smell of that wonderful baby scent, one last hug from those tiny little arms, and a kiss goodnight, again. I’ll see you later Aliyah, later in the night for another “snack”. Another rendezvous in the night to love and hold and smile and wish that moment in time could last forever.