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There is no play book to prepare you for days like this. The back to school days where all of the love, tears, discipline, persuasion, teaching and learning that you’ve poured out is what you pray is enough, enough to cover them and carry them through.

Today was my kids’ first day back to school, and after kindy and first grade at home with me, it was Brayden’s first day of school… ever. We spent some special time together this week, chatting about it, and get this little guy alone and the conversation never ends, but it was something I knew he needed. We needed. This morning held a day of firsts, for us both and while waiting in car line for pickup today, I wrote a little note to all of my sweet ones. I’m sure you mothers feel the same…In these shoes I sent my little ones off to school.

A Love Letter to My Kids As I Send Them Back to School

As you walk through those doors and wave your little hand goodbye, I know you’ll be just fine and give a bittersweet smile through the tears welling in my eyes. 

There are so many things I want you to know, but one more than all the rest… If there’s one thing you hold onto today, I hope that it’s this; I love you.

There will be days you soar, days where nothing is less than your best. There will be days you mess up, make mistakes, wish you could start again; and in all of those days, I love you.

I hope you remember to stay honest, strong and true, treating those around you with respect and standing for what you know is right. You, who are the very best of me, can give your best to others too. No matter what you hear from others or what is said in front of you, even while you’re beyond my reach, remember this; I love you.

When you want to laugh and when you want to cry. When you reach for the stars and when you feel like giving up. When you have a happy face or a snarling frown. When your day feels right side up or like it’s been turned upside down, there’s one thing for sure that never changes and it’s this; I love you.

Learning and growing never ends, it’s a part of life and I’m in it with you too. There will always be ups and downs, good days and bad, yet through them all we can find the sweet things. This is something I’m still finding true. No matter what your day brings my sweet, one thing remains; I love you. 

So as I wave goodbye today, I sit back and pray that the things I’ve already taught you will take you far. And the things you need to know, to learn, to see, and do and hear will be right there before you to soak in, helping you to soar. Today I let go of a little piece of me, the piece I love the most. And darling no matter where your feet may lead today and through the rest, remember this; I love you.

#intheseshoes and A Love Letter to My Kids As I Send Them Back to School #intheseshoes and A Love Letter to My Kids As I Send Them Back to School

Getting my boy ready for school this week and putting his best foot forward #intheseshoes from Famous Footwear#intheseshoes we ran out the door early after breakfast turned out to be a #pinterestfail (thankfully nerves meant no one was super hungry and we’ve always got cereal on hand?). #intheseshoes we walked into a shiny new classroom and he’s spreading his wings in the care of a smiling new teacher. #intheseshoes we held hands all the way into class. #intheseshoes I knelt to kiss him and hold him tight (whether he wanted it or not ?). #intheseshoes I waved goodbye, putting the care of my little one and his big sis in the arms of someone who may not love them as fiercely as I do, but care enough to invest in them.


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