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Birthday Boy

Having a wife that travels can be, at times, challenging.  Especially when a new baby is involved.  As a the only parent at home when my wife is on the road, I am forced to be what I can only think of as, “MR. MOM”.  I always remember Michael Keeton’s 1980’s role in “MR. MOM” when my wife gets on a plane.  I wouldn’t trade the alone time I get with my children for anything.  It causes me to stretch my communication skills relating with my children and strengthens me personally as I push my boundaries of stress and caring.  I am blessed to HAVE to understand the range of emotions my lovely daughter exudes in those times of wanting her mommy.  Only a father to a little lovely princess could understand the challenges we face… with mom by our side.  Now try it alone for days at a time.  It’s a whole different set of challenges.  From playing dolls, to bedtime stories and the challenge of trying to understand the thinking of a grown woman, let alone a woman who is just starting out and has no idea she is experiencing hormones.  I have to laugh at the quickness by which my daughter goes from one feeling or emotion to another.  The mind wobbles…

Like I said… I would not trade it, but challenge equals reward

So today, I find myself blogging in a hotel room set in downtown Chicago.  My wife at work. My one year old (as of yesterday) beside me, napping.  My daughter chilling out to cartoons in the sitting room.  This week’s adventure is attributed to my son Brayden’s first birthday.  We didn’t want Mommy to miss out on this precious anniversary of his birth, so I loaded up the kids and made the drive from Michigan.  Five hours in the car with a 4 year old girl and an almost 1 year old little boy strapped into car seats, the car packed full of supplies for the week.  It was a sight to see.  The trip was, obviously, a success because I am here.  But with a late arrival and excitement of a long overdue reunion with Mommy we all got to bed by about 1am, Michigan time.

Now to the “Piece De Resistance”.  Last night was Brayden’ s Birthday Dinner.  Excited to walk the streets of Michigan Avenue we set out for Grand Lux Cafe, a local favorite when my wife and I travel here.  Brayden capped off the evening meal with his own personal whipped cream dessert to celebrate his life.  A life we are all overjoyed to celebrate and let him indulge.

Once again the rewards far outweigh the challenge of getting here.

~Chris (Fresh Daddy)