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It had been two weeks, 15 and a half days to be exact, since I had the chance to see the upturn of my girl’s smile as she held her baby brother and made him laugh or inhale the scent of her freshly washed hair as I worked through the tangles. So after over 1000 miles of road noise logged and a little stop in Chicago for some of our favorite popcorn, we made it to Michigan, and to our girl. It was one of my very favorite sights on our 5000 trip, her surprised grin as she watched us walk through Nana and Papa’s front door, as we weren’t expected to arrive until the following day. We made the most of our short few days in our hometowns, mainly with family visits and trips to the hospital to spend time with Chris’ dad (thankfully, we were able to get grandpa tucked back in to the comfort of his own home before we left). But for one glorious day under a Michigan summer sky, we splashed and laughed and snacked with friends we’ve dearly missed at a place we used to frequent as kids. Of course, that was after the sun said hello and I warmed up enough to shed the sweatshirt and leggings I donned over my suit because the morning brought with it a  chill in the air. 

Oh these kids, they had a blast. Cousins and friends, and friends and cousins, all slip sliding, wave riding and waterfall escaping together.#bluesummertour_Michigan-11#bluesummertour_Michigan-2#bluesummertour_Michigan-5

This place, where old memories stood strong… like the duo birthday parties of Chris and his childhood best friend, who would celebrate their just-days-apart birthday on the same day in the wave pool, brought them back together, this time with their own children in tow. It just so happened to be the week of their birthdays again while we were there, and a reunion meet-up with all of our littles splashing together wasn’t just fun, it was a necessity. And so, we made it happen.#bluesummertour_Michigan-7#bluesummertour_Michigan-8#bluesummertour_Michigan-4

 So, if you’re in Michigan, and get a chance to be near Waterford Oaks Waterpark, check it out.  (This isn’t an ad, just a fun place we like, and really the only photos I took while in Michigan this time!)#bluesummertour_Michigan-6#bluesummertour_Michigan-3#bluesummertour_Michigan-12#bluesummertour_Michigan-9#bluesummertour_Michigan-10#bluesummertour_Michigan-1

I miss all those little friends already. But this summer? The memories we’re making are some good ones.