Enjoying Iced Coffee in the Cutest Coffee Shop. Black and Brew, Lakeland, FL.

I’m sitting here, well barely sitting that is, because I’m currently highly caffeinated. I’ve had two coffee dates today. TWO. But I have to say, while the jitters wear off, I’m also feeling pretty settled and content at the moment. Something I realized recently is how important connection is.

Okay, so I’m going to admit something else, I’ve started watching Dancing With the Stars. It’s a show I’ve caught off and on throughout the years, but have never been a die hard fan, that is until this season (and I just literally began watching this week after I heard multiple times from multiple people how I should watch. I mean a Backstreet Boy and Spy Kids in one place?). While I was binge watching my way through three episodes and caught up last night, I was left in tears. The episode with the stars “most memorable year” touched me and I noticed with each story shared, a connection was built. A connection with someone I didn’t even know!

You see, we ALL have something to share. We ALL have something to say. And also? We ALL crave connection. You know what? It’s those stories that connect us. Whether you’re building your brand, you have a company you’re working to grow, you’re a mom that’s fervently raising your little ones, you’re still in school and trying to figure out what it is you want to do, or anything else in between… YOU have a story to tell, and that story can help someone. Your story will connect people to you. Your story might just be the thing that get’s someone through to the next day or next place in their lives.

I feel like I may be rambling right now, although that just might be the coffee and the fact that I keep backspacing and retyping because my brain is going faster than my fingers on the keyboard can keep up with, but my takeaway and encouragement to you today is this… no matter what you’re going through, facing, fearing, building, working through or hoping for, you’re not alone. The more we feel comfortable sharing our stories and connecting with each other, the more vulnerable we become (yes this is true), but also, the more relatable we are and the more we can help others break out from those fears, struggles, walls and setbacks. 

Whether it’s over coffee one-on-one, through writing, scoping or any other means of sharing, go ahead, be a sharer. Let your story out! Leak the pieces of it bit by bit if necessary until it reconnects into one beautiful masterpiece. 

When I first began sharing about our struggles with miscarriages and loss or how I dealt with it years later, I was surprised to find how many others have been there and the healing it brought to so many just to talk about it and open up. So, no matter where you may be in your journey, know you’re not alone. Even if you want to sip a cup and have a virtual date with me, I’m here! And also? Thank YOU for being here, in this space, and letting me be ME.before-you-compare

I shared this photo on my Facebook page this week and wanted to share it with you here as well. I want to see you reach for your dreams. I want to encourage you to go for it. I want to see my friends funding their passions. Let’s start a revolution to encourage instead of compare, to leap instead of hide, to build each other up and to grow together! And it all starts with us being okay with being real. It begins when we share who we are, when we share our stories with those around us.

I’d also love to see how you’ve been! Share your posts and link up below!

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