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Well, to be completely honest, we’re currently packing up the car to head out of Atlanta and make the quick two hour trek to Chattanooga for a couple of nights in the mountains. I had to be in Buckhead last night for a couple hours of work and we made a full day of it! After an early rise time, five sleepy heads packed into our car, pillows and blankets in tow, and made the drive to Atlanta in time to enjoy the sparkling ripples of pool water in the sunshine (though we were beginning to see a few rays of sun in the Tampa Bay area, it was nice to be out of the incessant rain that’s been hovering overhead) a great dinner and if you know me you know I would never pass up Sprinkles cupcakes, especially from their ATM!

I’ll share more photos from our trip soon. if you’ve been following along on Instagram, my Snapchat (I’m tabitharblue on there) or Periscope (find me at Tabitha Blue) then you’ve seen a few snippets already of our fun, chaotic and laughable adventures already. 

I wish I could say that my kids don’t whine, or that the sound of it doesn’t irritate me. I wish I could say I had it all together and that messes didn’t bother me. I wish I could say that I never snapped at my kids and always answered in the perfectly motherly sing song voice. But you know what? I can’t say that. What I can say is that I try my best. I give my kids fierce love and adventure as much as possible. I take them places to open up their minds and hearts to new cultures, environments and experiences. I tell them I love them, and often. And at the end of the day, we tuck in tired, happy, content little bodies into their beds, assuring them of love again, give myself some grace and wake up to a new day. Today, as we pack up the car again, we’re off to embrace more, feel more, see more, and love more.Embassy Suites Atlanta Buckhead

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For those headed through Atlanta, or the Buckhead area, make sure to try the cupcake ATM (kiddos LOVED it!). We also enjoyed Buckhead Diner (the mac and cheese tots and the s’mores dessert were so good!), and heard great things about Flipburger, Southern Art and Varasanos Pizzeria! We stayed at Embassy Suites Atlanta Buckhead and it was great for the kiddos, with free cooked to order breakfast, a really large 2 room suite (meaning we had our own room and the kids shared the room with a pull out couch and crib), two pools and of course the glass elevators were a hit.

The photos in this post were originally taken with my iPhone and most were posted on Instagram (I’m @TabithaBlue) or Facebook… come hang out with me there! 

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