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It's easy to create a romantic date night right at home! Have a date night in with this French inspired picnic!Now that we’re home from some recent travels, school is back in session and we’ve got a little less family in town, dates out aren’t easy to come by. That fact doesn’t nullify the need to break away from our usual evening routine of getting kids in bed and sitting on the couch together while I work on my laptop and he rubs my neck… not that it’s a bad situation to begin with, but seriously… date night away from the electronics is even better. Since it’s still warm enough for an evening under the stars, why not pack up a picnic with a bit of French inspiration and indulge in some star gazing (with a baby monitor nearby of course). And if you’re not up for heading into the great outdoors, create your own floor picnic in front of a roaring fire, or at least a few candles.

In no particular order…

1// Everything is better in gold, even these simple and chic cheese knives.

2// And that gold pairs well with a gorgeous cutting board to hold all of your treats and delicious cheeses… because by the way, cheese is what’s on the menu.

3// Give the evening a twist while sipping on a refreshing glass of Lavender Lemonade Kombucha

4// Make sure to have a cozy throw handy, great for laying on or cuddling up in. 

5// You don’t really even need bread, but this is all about a Parisian picnic, so why not pick up a French loaf. Also, I personally just love bread and it always makes a night better. 

6// Figs are always a great addition to a cheese plate, but something spreadable is sometimes easier and this fig butter is one of my favorites. So. Good.

7// We actually thought of this little addition when we were on our last road trip, binoculars! A great way to star gaze together and see the surrounding sights.

8// What to wear? A romper or jumpsuit! These are still totally trending, comfortable and just absolutely cute. Try one in a floral print for a French flair. If you’re season is beginning to feel a little more like fall, this is a perfect transition piece, just throw a chunky cardigan sweater over top.  You can either skip the shoes and run out barefoot or slide into a cute pair of booties to tie the look together. 

9// When putting together a cheese tray for your night in (or in the backyard), make sure to mix it up with hard and soft cheeses and from different types to milk… check out this post on how to craft the perfect cheese tray for a few delicious ideas. But really, if you know you each have a favorite, stick with that 😉

What’s your idea of a perfect picnic date? I definitely think that a romantic picnic should have as much finger foods as possible. 🙂 I’d love to hear your ideas as well!


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