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Skylar, 7 weeksI’m having a bit of deja vu. You see, this is Skylar at seven weeks old… just this past week. Skylar, 7 weeksSkylar, 7 weeks

… and this is Brayden when he was about the same age. I can clearly see the differences, and yet I can see the similarities.

Oh my boys, my little hearts wandering around beating outside of my body… with their big blue eyes, and mama snuggles and personalities shining through already.

And these three together? It’s like Christmas all the time. Except for when it’s not, like the messes and “creative” play where I walk into a bedroom full of baskets of water leaking all over the floor because they wanted to play fish, when instead they could have just jumped in the pool. Those days make me laugh. And then my husband comes home to the craziness and the stories and with tilted head is wondering why I’m laughing.

Have I mentioned that my kids are little fish? They could swim all the time. ALL THE TIME. I’m not sure where I’m going with this except for… I’m going to end this post by getting them out of the pool right now because we have to be somewhere in twenty minutes and they are still underwater.

My Three Little Loves

Happy Monday friends! Enjoy your day… I’m going to celebrate this day. This pseudo Christmas day.

My Three Little Loves
^^ That face!