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DIY Baby Onesie

I’ve been a bit of an Etsy stalker lately. Even not knowing the gender of our baby, there is so much cute stuff to be had! We saved all the necessities from Max, so we haven’t needed too much, but I wanted to make sure that baby #2 had a few things that were just his or hers. 

As I was scrolling through all the baby goodies, there were a ton of cute onesies for that adorable tiny baby stage. Most of them were hand painted and cost at least $15.  Now, there are a lot of things I will spend $15 on, but a single onesie that will most likely be covered in poop at some point is not one of them. 

So, I decided to do the next best thing and paint a few of my own! All it took was a couple brushes, some lovely shades of Martha Stewart fabric paint, and 6 white onesies that I purchased from Goodwill for a grand total of $2.59. They were all brand new and a couple are even organic.Make // DIY Tiny Baby Onesies by Fresh Mommy Blog

I used some painters tape to outline shapes and keep my lines straight on a few of them. Another favorite of mine was the polka dot sponge! So easy and adorable in any color. The rest of them I just freehanded and I think they turned out pretty well! You could also use a pencil to put a light pattern on before painting. But I’m a rebel.DIY Baby Onesie

This is definitely a great activity for a baby shower, but also fun for older siblings. Max and I did these on two different afternoons and he loved it! His first one was the abstract art with the fuchsia and he specifically stated that he wants the baby to wear the “pink one I made.” I’m sure we’ll get some interesting looks if the baby is a boy. : )

For me, the important part was how excited Max was to make something for his future sibling. I know having two kids is going to change our family balance and I’m just hoping that a little of this excitement will stay with him after the baby is here. Even if it takes a hot pink onesie on a boy to keep it. (By the way, Max made the pink abstract art and the silver and mint polka dot onesies. He is so proud of them!)Make // DIY Tiny Baby Onesies by Fresh Mommy BlogDIY-Baby-Onesie4 DIY-Baby-Onesie3

If you have more than one child, did you do any special activities with your older children to help them prepare for a new baby?

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