Heart Photo Collage-2

I’ve long been wanting to make a collage with some Instagram prints I ordered awhile back. Besides having some empty photo frames around the house (I know, as a photographer, that’s bad!) and having many blank walls in this rental house to fill, I have so many DIY ideas floating around my head and in pages of my to-do list notebooks. After playing around with a few ideas, and digging this frame we used in Brayden’s old nursery out of the garage, I set my own heart on a heart shaped collage of prints I love to look at time and time again. It was pretty simple to put together once I got going. Here’s the full rundown…
Heart Photo Collage-1

Supplies needed:

  • Instagram prints (I used Postal pix this time)
  • Double sided tape roller
  • Poster board
  • Picture frame
  • Ruler (optional)

Heart Photo Collage-10

First, you need to cut your poster board to the size of the frame. I used the matte that came in the frame, traced it onto the poster and cut along the lines. Then, just start laying out your photos to get an idea of how you want to arrange them, keeping in mind color schemes, etc.Heart Photo Collage-11

Once you start arranging, use a ruler to measure in from the sides so that the edges of your heart are about the same distance from the edge of the poster board. Tape down these edge photos using a scrapbook double-sided tape roller, and then continue to lay the rest of the photos down onto the poster in a heart shaped pattern.Heart Photo Collage-9Heart Photo Collage-12Heart Photo Collage-8

After you decide that all the colors are broken up and images are where you want them, begin to rotate the outside photos so that their edge creates the outside lines of the heart, and used the tape roller to hold them in place. Then fill in the middle with your remaining photos, adding tape to each photo before setting in place.

Overall this project is pretty simple and only took me about 20 minutes to put together. For me, the cost was low because I had almost all the materials on hand and only had to order the prints (under $5) and purchase the poster board.
Heart Photo Collage-4

Have you created any fun art projects at home lately? I’m still creating pieces to fill my blank bathroom wall.



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