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It never fails, every time I walk along the concrete jungle of it’s city streets or under the green cover of Central Park, my heart syncs to the tune of the city in record time… a New York minute perhaps.

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Just being in the “city that never sleeps” seems to wake me up. All of my senses are awaked to the sights, the sounds, the tastes and the culture in every architecturally beautiful crack and sky scraping crevice. Part of my heart is there, and I think it will always be. There are times I consider myself a city girl, though I’m completely content to return home to the salty air of the gulf coast, and so maybe I’m more of a city rendezvous  kind of girl. Either way, I’m happy that my work takes me there (and if you want to know more about what I was doing in the Big Apple, we made a fun little video all about it here!) and so glad that I’ve had the opportunity to introduce my kids to the city, giving each one of them a special tour of my favorite places and letting the city rendezvous bug come alive in their hearts that beat along to the tune of whatever place we find ourselves in. They’re little travelers at heart, just like their mama.

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And, oh the beauty that comes alive in spring in Central Park is relentless in it’s draw. Though our time there was during the last chill of spring, it was glorious.

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My favorite part had to be experiencing a the grandeur of a place I’m familiar with through fresh eyes that take in every lit street corner, honk of a taxi and blast of wind with excitement… meaning this little guy was full on enthusiastic the entire time. His favorite place was strapped on my front, facing out to see the world we walked through, and pretty much kicked, smiled and flailed his arms throughout our visit, much to the amusement of everyone we passed. Want to get attention in NYC? Normally it’s much harder to do than you’d think, but attach a happy little baby to the front of you and watch the world unfold at his waving fingertips and melt to his squeals and upturned lips.

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We can’t take take our kids to the city without riding the carousel in Bryant or Central Park, riding the Toys R Us ferris wheel in Times Square, eating massive amounts of cupcakes and walking through a park every chance we get. And this time around it was no different. We inhaled every bit of NYC that we could in the few days we were there together, one of those things that usually just leaves you wanting more. That’s the best way to leave a place, right? Wanting more and vowing to return.

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And even the nights after our day has been too long, and over tired eyes would rather cry than sleep, we love the energy of the city. We love the way it’s pulse moves us forward, one foot in front of the other, making it easy to walk miles in a day because at every twist, turn and corner is another sight to see or nook to explore.

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While there, I was excited to meet up with new friend Cristina and owner of the awesome handmade candle company Riles and Co. and had the privilege of checking out her studio space. It’s darling, just like her… and that puppy!

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Oh and a few of our favorite jaunts in the city:

The Highline / Such a beautiful park built on a historic freight rail line! Between 10th and 11th Ave

Max Brenner / An amazing chocolate restaurant with great kid’s plates! 841 Broadway 646-467-8803

The Press Lounge / The rooftop lounge boasts amazing views both day and night. 653 11th Ave in Hell’s Kitchen

Eataly / 200 Fifth Ave 212-229-2560

Flatiron Building / 175 Fifth Ave

Chelsea Market / It would be too easy to get lost in the maze of shops and delicious eateries in the market! 75 9th Ave 212-620-7500

Bryant Park / We always hit up the carrousel with the kids! 42nd and 6th Ave

Shake Shack / The original location at Madison Square Park

Stella 34 Trattoria / A  restaurant on Macy’s 8th floor with amazing light, views and food. 151 W 34th St 212-967-9251

Union Square Farmers Market / at Union Square Park

Toys R Us Times Square / 1514 Broadway and 44th St

Central Park / We love to ride the carousel, see the boats and visit the zoo!

Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market / Saturday and Sunday, West 39th Street & 9th Avenue

New York, it’s been grand and now it’s just as grand to be home. Until next time.

xo… and now I want a cupcake!