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daddy with skye

Fathers are the fixers, the doers, the lovers and the strong ones. They pick up the family when no one else can. They are the trusted ones, to mend, to listen, to calm, to hold.

I’m so blessed with the most amazing husband, partner and father to my children. Since that day six years ago when we were blessed with our first and he proudly claimed the honorable badge of fatherhood, I’ve grown more and more in love with him. And today, a week after our third was placed in his hands, I couldn’t imagine our life or home without the integrity, strength, joy and love he brings to it.


And now that my father is here, papa is in town to see his grandbabies, I see him in a whole new light. He’s always been the one there for me, the one I would run to with skinned knees or a bruised heart, with bill worries or scary life questions… and now, I see the little ones that I love reaching for him, calling for him.

Since having children of my own, I realize even more how wonderful of a father I have and I’m grateful, grateful that my children have the best father in their lives, and such wonderful grandfathers, ones that need no other badge but that honorable badge of fatherhood that they wear proudly, and yet they deserve so much more.


Happy Father’s Day to the amazing daddies in my life!