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Hi Ladies!!! Sooooo… your closet it is organized and clutter free! How does it feel? I bet you breathe a little bit easier when you open your closet doors each morning. Are you ready to take it one step further?
I just got back to LA from a whirlwind trip through Texas, where I was putting together fashion shows, fashion presentations and working with some wonderful clients. I always come away from these trips purposeful and inspired. I spent nine eventful days working with these wonderful women on how to build their fall and winter wardrobes, and almost every one of them said the same thing to me. “Melody, where do I start?!” And I gave each one of them the same run down I’m going to give you.
Here are ten wardrobing tips that work. This is a quick guideline on how to approach your closet and get it Wardrobe-ready.
Step 1 – Purge your closet.

Hopefully, you did some of this when we re-organized last month. Look through your closet and drawers. If you haven’t worn it in two years, chances are you’ll never wear it again. Does it fit? Is it stained or faded? If so, toss it!
Step 2 – Separate your closet by category.

Again, you should have done this in the last post when you re-organized. But, a quick refresher – skirts, pants, blouses, sweaters, etc… What’s missing? Where do you see lots of holes? Do you generally have a hard time finding the right jeans to wear or do you wish you had more skirts? Need more sweaters for the season? I encourage you to take physical notes of what you think you need.
Step 3 – Start with the basics.

Are you a working woman or a stay at home mom? Your lifestyle needs will dictate this list from here on out. Be sure you have a good neutral color palette to start with. Add more, if need be, for the season. Black, brown, navy. You can also add jeans, khakis and corduroys here. For work, add pants, skirts, jackets, blouses, knits.
Step 4 – Build a foundation.

Go through and find and select total outfits in your base colors. Make easy outfits with all your neutrals. Mix and match things and take note of different outfit choices.

Step 5 – Add seasonal items.
Enhance your foundation by adding fun prints and colors of the season. If you have some color  and prints from old seasons that you want to keep in here, that is ok too. Take those printed and colorful items and work them into your foundation outfits. How can you mix them in or change up some of your basics by swapping things out?
Step 6 – Update your whites

Update your white blouses and shirts. A good quality white blouse can usually last a couple of years, but more often than not you should replace your white tops and blouses every year.
Step 7 – Check your shoes.

The wrong shoe will ruin a great outfit. Do you need to update some shoes? Could you simply take a pair of old boots to the shoe repair shop and get them re-soled and polished? Find the right shoe for each outfit you put together. Take note of what’s missing.
Step 8 – Check your undergarments.

The wrong undergarment can also ruin a great outfit. This is one of the easiest ways to appear like you’ve lost weight. Be sure those bras fit. Stop into a great lingerie store and work with a fit specialist. It will change your life!
Step 9 – “Must-haves” of the season!

Choose a few “must haves” of the season. Splurge on yourself a little. Do you stop in front of that great little dress in the window every time you walk past the store? Maybe you should grab it for yourself. How about a new fur piece or some fun, colorful cashmere. WHAT will you wear it with? Do you have the right shoes?
Step 10 – Accessorizing.

I would generally say “less is more” with accessories and jewelry, but this changes as trends change. Find balance here. A great, chunky necklace is fine, but balance it with only earrings that work, or a great bracelet and ring. Usually, use the rule of 2. Necklace and earrings. Necklace and bracelet. Great earrings and bracelet. You never want to look like your jewelry box threw up on you in the morning. Find one thing you want to stand out. The print on your sweater? The necklace? The fur collar and earrings? Let those things be the focal point and go easy everywhere else.
Alright, so now you have a plan. You know that when you open your closet, you can easily pick out a few great outfits, complete with shoes and accessories. Look at your notes. What’s missingal? A new skirt? Some new jeans? Some great, new season colors? Do you need a new pair of boots or some fun accessories? You now have a plan when you walk into the store. This keeps you from walking into the store and buying that random blouse / shirt / dress thing that they’ve convinced you that you need, even though you have no idea what you would wear with it. None of us need another piece sitting in there that we’ll have to clean out in two years because we never wore it.
Have fun shopping in your closet and stay tuned for some exciting Fall and Winter trends to look for this season. 🙂

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