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Hello lovelies!

I know that it’s only just beginning to feel like summer around these Florida parts while there’s still snow flurrying around in others and floods of raindrops pouring down for April’s showers back in my homestate of Michigan. Another thing that I know lately? This tip-toeing onto seven months pregnant thing is making me warm… a feeling I’m not used to as I’m usually the girl that’s constantly cold and always needing to reach for the cardi in my bag. Now, I’m the one tossing off the covers (or not bothering to get under them at all), while my usually hot-blooded husband is pulling his side of the blanket up.

With all of that said, the heat… whether it be from cooking a little bun in the oven, or this unbalanced teeter-totter between 70-80 degree days and the unusual 90s that we’ve been experiencing, I’m ready to get my locks summer ready. My hair pinspiration has been circling around cute and easy hair updo’s to get longer locks off of my neck and at-home DIY treatments to keep my head of hair shining. Hopefully you can find some inspiration for your own Spring/Summer style here too!

hair love

1. DIY Coconut Hot Oil Treatment /  2. Summer Hair Ideas  /  3. Tangle Teaser (Works wonders for tear-free hair brush sessions.) /  4. Braid + Bun Updo /  5. The Messy Bun /  6. Braided ‘Do /  7. Ombré at Home /  8. Quick Updo /  9. Boost Your Color with Tea /  10. Heal Split Ends (Before you cut!)

And if you’re looking for a GREAT at home, DIY hair conditioning mask with ingredients you’ve already got lying around your kitchen, check out this edition of KitchenWise where Aliyah helps share one of our favorite at-home treatments (besides our regularly used add-coconut-oil-to-hair-and-let-it-soak).