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Summertime!! Long, lazy days. Fireworks, sunshine and tan lines. But are you ready for that impromptu trip to the beach? Or the luncheon, turned pool party at your best friendʼs house?

If you are like me, you often find yourself in no position to participate. Or at least not in anything other than someoneʼs gym shorts and oversized tee shirt. I now have a trusty beach bag packed in the trunk of my car for such occasions and here are some of my fave items!

beach bagStart with a great beach bag. Go for fun. Go stylish! Straw is a fun start, but canvas or waterproof bags can be sturdy and good for kids. Iʼm also a fan of a zip closure to keep everything in. You can start with the high end department store varieties like the Balenciaga bag pictured (LOVE!!), or Amazon, Zappos and Target have some great options! Make sure itʼs big enough for all your fun stuff.  

Be good to yourselves ladies. Protect your beautiful face from the sun. Throw in your favorite beach hat, straw or canvas. Just protect that beautiful skin. One of the best things I ever discovered was the roll-up beach hat! Roll it into a cone and throw it in your bag. Just unroll it, fasten it and voila! San Diego Hat Co. has lots of colors to choose from, and you can also find them on Amazon.

Then there is the swimsuit. More than likely you have a few at hand, but pick one to throw in your trusty bag. And just in case you didnʼt make it to your scheduled 3 Crossfit classes per week on your resolution list, I have good news!! One piece suits are back in a big way! In all different shapes, sizes and colors. Maillot makes some REALLY cute suits like the one pictured and you can find them on Amazon or Swim Spot.

Itʼs baaacckk!! The gladiator or Grecian sandal is still a hot must-have, so toss your cutest pair in your bag in a nude or silver or gold. Something that easily works back to your swimsuit or anything else you may throw on later that night. If you need a pair, Iʼm a big fan of Zappos!  

The dreaded swimsuit coverup. Itʼs sometimes more daunting that the swimsuit itself. Though Iʼm still a big fan of the denim shorts and white tee, this seasonʼs fashionable must-have is either a colorful coverup with lots of pizzaz or something white and feminine. If youʼre going to go for color, light and bright is the way to go. Pastels, mint, pink, yellow. Or opt for white. You will find no shortage of white in stores this season! So, look for a fun, colorful dress, sheer top or crocheted frock and pizazz your way right into that pool party!! Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Amazon have some really cute pieces in a variety of styles!

Protect your eyes with a good pair of sunglasses. Who remembers the mirrored shades from the 80ʼs? Yep! They are making a comeback. These new Ray-Ban folding Wayfarers are a blast from the past.  

Donʼt forget the beach towel!!! I have several, large beach towels that I rotate on a regular basis in my bag. The beach towel has been the most important item in my bag, as I find myself on impromptu strolls on the sand often, and itʼs nice to snatch it out of my trunk and plop down while Iʼm there.

Last, but certainly not least, is sunscreen! The jury is still out for me on who makes the best and safest. But Neutrogena face and body sunscreens have always proven well for me. Always opt for something in spf 30 or higher. You will still get a tan, but protect your beautiful skin. Skin damage is not [fash-uhn]able.  

So, you may have plans in the evening. Never fear! Youʼre prepared. Youʼve already got the shoes, so just throw a fun sundress and some bangles or earrings in your bag and youʼre ready to change up quickly for a post-beach nosh at your favorite night time spot!!

Happy Beach-going!!!